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Drive By Dogs Game Club, 5 Minute Geek #41

October 3, 2018

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In this episode, we launch the Drive By Dogs Gameclub! If you are really good at starting video games but not giving them a fair chance then we are alike. Life can be incredibly distracting and finishing games has never been harder, but no more! Ian and I, (Morgan), have made a list of all the games we have wanted to play forever now and as a commitment to each other, we will finally play through them! This isn't going to be us playing brand new games for downloads, only games we actually want to play starting with the Mass Effect series! We decided to skip Mass Effect 1 and go straight to 2 and we will talk about our separate experiences playing as a segment on new episodes as they release, we encourage you to play along at home too :)

Cast: Ian, Morgan

Time Stamps:

(02:08) Why do people hate the PlayStation Classic console?

(13:18) New Red Dead information

(31:54) Drive By Dogs Game Club

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